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Excellent place to do Business. The staff are friendly and very helpful. They have a full range of product to take care of every need we had. They also had a cash and Carry which had great prices. I would fully recommend this place to anyone looking for steaks, hamburgers, or anything else you might think of. Thank you Blue Mountain Meats.

Sarah J.

Great, fresh meats, Free Range as I understand it. Friendly folks and good service.Thank you.

Ralph R.
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I chose the Tator Tumbler Appetizer mix, and the lattice fries.

The tator tumbler is new/different product and I was unique because I showed it to the customer and even made some with the customer so we both could see how they looked and turned out.I told him it was in stock so I could get it to him fast, it is a brand new product so it is fresh, and I allowed him to purchase an each bag to try out thus being flexible. This was beneficial and successful with Valles Store in Mexican Hat.

I showed and sampled this product to many others customers. At the Kayenta Monument Valley Inn I uniquely showed him the product then we brainstormed about different ways to use it. I visited with him about his schooling and then asked for the sale. I had it in stock so it would come to him fast, It is fresh because its a “fresh idea” and we were flexible because he received it that very same week we talked about it.

I listened to Pedro at the Kayenta Monument Valley Inn and discovered his desire to be different than others in town, I already sell him french fries but I am flexible so I described to him the lattice fries which are unique after he communicated to me about how he wanted to be “different” and a “step above” others in town. He jumped at this idea and purchased from me instead of from another.

the mutton is always fresh, not dark like others.

Teddie C.

It’s been there forever. Monticello wouldn’t be the same without it!

Morgan M.

Great Folks to Work With!! Knowledgeable staff · Great selection

Randy F.

Great, fresh meats, Free Range as I understand it. Friendly folks and good service.Thank you.

Ralph R.